EDR Computer

A really perfect EDR Laptop or computer ought to control the intricate network of pcs, devices, and checking tools that work all around a rig. The primary EDR personal computer monitors the drilling operation and displays in depth drilling info this kind of as depth, angle and temperature. This information must be saved and transmitted in real time to on-site and in-office personnel. Which has a large 19′ daylight viewable display screen, ATEX/IECEx Zone 2 certifications, and wireless connectivity, the Laversab Product 2860 could be the best Electronic Drilling Recorder personal computer to screen all of your drilling paramaters.

Laversab’s EDR Computer is like minded to corporations who’ve developed an EDR software but require a superior general performance computer to serve as wireless, dispersed consumer interfaces. The Laversab Design 2860 can proficiently link rigsite personnel, including rig professionals, rig crews, operators, geologists, mud loggers, directional palms, and underbalanced drilling operations (UBD) professionals.

The Product 2860 EDR laptop or computer was purpose designed to be used on the rig. An Enable/Disable key on the face of your device controls the touchscreen for user enter, as well as the huge exhibit makes viewing vital driller information and metrics easy. This protects rigsite personnel the strain of looking through small monitors and allows them to carry out their responsibilities much more effectively.

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