The nub theory may be the concept used to decide regardless if you are possessing a boy or perhaps a female. Its the ‘angle on the dangle’. The genital tubercle develops into possibly a penis or clitoris which is possible to see from close to twelve months by analysing the ‘nub’ in relation towards the backbone and other elements for example nub form.

The male little one will have a the nub theory that angles upwards at 30′ or even more. The female child may have nub that is certainly angled lower than 30′ relative on the backbone. If your uncertain regarding how to read your scan, then gender predictors can inform you with levels of certainty, based on your stage within the being pregnant, which sexual intercourse your infant is. This is known as the Nub principle. Precision rating boosts much nearer to week fifteen (99.6% males and 97.4% females).