If you have ever gotten rid of a computer, you know it can be a hassle.

When people get rid of old computers, the process often goes as follows:

Phase 1: First you wanted money for your old computer. You think it is worth something and you want to get a few bucks out of this old equipment.

Phase 2: You find out it isn’t worth much, and you become willing to give it to the disposal place for free to take it off your hands.

Phase 3: You end up paying to dispose of your monitor and don’t get much for your computer.

Sound familiar?

Look, if you are getting rid of an old computer, don’t take the risk of selling it for $50 when you might have old credit card info, private pictures, and private emails there on the really hard drive.

Even though you may have deleted them, data recovery is possible.

The solution? Crush your old tough drive with a hard drive destroyer!

14 Good reasons You MUST Utilize a Hard Generate Destroyer

Businesses have lost billions of dollars to data theft last year.
Avoid fines and or prison. If you are a business you must take care of customers private info.
Avoid class action lawsuits. Customers have sued companies for compromise of data on old tricky drives.
Avoid compromise of all your emails, credit card and social security numbers. This is obvious…Thousands and thousands of files accumulate on your travel over years of use.
Using the delete key doesn’t erase data.
Overwriting data with software is very time consuming.
Reformatting a disk generate requires you to have drive installed and powered up.
New technology may soon make recovery of overwritten difficult drives easier.
Degaussing (magnetic destruction) doesn’t give visible proof of destruction.
Degaussers do not always work. The magnetic shielding on new disk drives is powerful.
Degaussing can be harmful to people near the magnetic fields.
Difficult drive shredding machines are loud, bulky, and break down.
In house hard generate shredding machines are not portable.
If you ship off the tough travel to a facility, you can not witness the destruction first-hand!

So where can you take your really hard generate when you are ready to dispose of it?
Well if you are a large company using many computers, you may want to have a hard travel destroyer on site. They run a few thousand bucks and can decrease your liability.

If you only have a few really hard drives, many paper shredding companies offer Hard Drive Shredding and you can either take it to them locally and see your hard travel smashed, or call and have them do it on site (if they have a machine on their truck).

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Don’t just casually get rid of your challenging push. Visit the document shredding directory to find hard travel destruction equipment, or a service provider in your city today.