Joey Bada$$ attends the Stream TIDAL X: Brooklyn Benefit Concert at Barclays Center of Brooklyn on Oct. seventeen, 2017 in Ny.

Regardless of JAY-Z and Kendrick Lamar main this year’s Grammy Awards together with the most nominations, some people nonetheless usually are not too thrilled in regards to the existing state of rap, most notably Joey Bada$$. On Wednesday (Jan. 24), Bada$$ voiced his disappointment inside the culture and discussed on Twitter why he thinks the genre is “trash.”

“Rap is in a very quite trash state rn with only a few exceptions that don’t even receive the enjoy and a spotlight that they are worthy of,” tweeted Bada$$. “Like where’s y’all n—as souls at???” Afterwards, Bada$$ returned to Twitter to carry on sharing his feelings. “Music is among the most influential power on the earth. Look closely at what’s getting about saturated. Beats with hooks 2019 claims anything with regard to the generation. Sound is vibration,” he wrote.

He concluded his thoughts by stating he was “gonna go generate a entice file.”

Final yr, Bada$$ was vocal with regards to the generation’s dwindling awareness span when listening to new assignments. “I dislike the eye span of this new era. two months and songs is by now previous to y’all?” he tweeted soon right after the release of his sophomore album All-Amerikkkan Bada$$. “Not talking about my shit, I’m additional speaking generally. My shit str8 timeless. Each individual album I drop is 2 yrs in advance of its time anyway LOL.”

Rap is inside of a extremely trash point out rn with very few exceptions that really do not even get the enjoy and attention which they have earned.